Dr. Moritz Mungenast
Architect Dr.-Ing. Univ.
Business Strategy
Oliver Tessin
Architect M.A. H.Dist.
Computational Design
Luc Morroni
M.A. Architecture
Design to Production

Founded by Moritz Mungenast, Oliver Tessin and Luc Morroni in 2018, 3F Studio stands for fused form and function. The German-based studio specialises in 3D-printed performative architecture and future-oriented design.

3F Studio is a spin-off from the research project Fluid Morphology at the Technical University of Munich’s Department of Architecture, and offers its expertise in computational design and additive manufacturing (3D printing) for the development of function-integrated facade applications and novel concepts for interior and furniture design. This encompasses the use of new, recyclable materials to create sustainable solutions for overcoming the future challenges faced by the building industry.

3F Studio believes in the performative and aesthetic qualities of innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing to develop novel applications with a distinctive design vocabulary.

Moritz Mungenast is a founder of 3F Studio and responsible for its business development. 2009 he started his academic work at the TU Munich with which he aims to develop architectural solutions that reduce building technology and simplify the construction processes through digital tools. In conjunction with his teaching activities with visiting professor Jacob van Rijs, Stefan Behnisch and Charles Walker amongst others, he started his doctorate and directs the area of research „3D Printed Building Envelope“, which examines the potential of additive manufacturing in architecture. He initiated the TUM Group „Additive Manufacturing in Construction“ (AMC) and is a regular speaker at universities, companies and conferences. He worked after his architectural studies, which he completed at the TU Kaiserslautern, EPFL Lausanne, UPC Barcelona and TU Munich, from 2003-11 as an architect at Shigeru Ban Architects Paris and Auer + Weber Munich.


Oliver Tessin is a founder of 3F Studio and responsible for its Computational Design. His work investigates computational and nature’s design processes to create concepts that fuse form and function – hence 3F - and to develop informed design methods that explore the potentials of high resolution through additive manufacturing for more performance in architecture and design.
Before 3F he founded Studio Tessin, a research-oriented practice, in which he focuses on complex spatial structural concepts for design and art projects. He completed his studies in architecture with a focus on Computational Design with High Distinction at the SAS Saarland, Tongji Shanghai and TU Munich in 2015. He worked as an architect, lecturer and research assistant for various architectural practices and academic institutions, amongst others: Buro Ole Scheren, Allmann Sattler Wappner, research project BOWOOSS (Bionic Optimized Wood Shells with Sustainability) and TU Munich.


Luc Morroni is a founder of 3F Studio and responsible for its Design-to-Production.
With a keen interest in large scale additive manufacturing, modelling for digital fabrication and parametric design, he works towards closing the „Digital Chain“ from design to fabrication. 2018 he finished his studies in architecture with a focus on Integrated Building Technologies at the Laval University Quebec and TU Munich. He worked as parametric design freelancer as well as workshop instructor and gained experience in architecture at HENN, Steinmetzdemeyer and 2001 architecture.