Oliver Tessin
M.A. H.Dist. Architecture
Computational Design
Moritz Mungenast
Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Architect
Facade R&D
Luc Morroni
M.A. Architecture
Design to Production

3F Studio, founded by Moritz Mungenast, Oliver Tessin and Luc Morroni, is a german based office developing 3D printed performative architecture and design.

3F Studio is a spin-off of the project FLUID MORPHOLOGY at the Technical University of Munich Faculty of Architecture, offering its expertise in computational design and additive manufacturing for the development of future-oriented, function-integrated facade applications and novel concepts for interior and furniture design. This includes the use of new, recyclable materials, to create sustainable solutions for the future challenges in the building industry.

We believe in the performative and aesthetic qualities of innovative technologies such as 3D printing to encourage unique architecture and design.